Friday, December 14, 2007

Agony of DeFeet Part II

There is a new salon for men only, here in Budapest. It is called Masculin What caught my attention was the pedicures. I am certainly up for a pedicure, but not in a shop full of women. I made an appointment for today; getting my feet in shape for a month long vacation was justifiable. No expense was spared with the salon. It is beautiful and first class all the way. After checking with the receptionist, she offered me coffee or tea. When I said tea, she opened a leather box with an excellent selection of an upscale variety. Had I chose coffee, it would have been Nespresso, which I would have tried, but did not realize it until too late. When the pedicurist called me and led me to a private room, I felt indulgence float into my body. The pedicure chair has a built in back massager that you control. She added scented bubble cubes to the soaking water and spent so much time disinfecting her equipment, I wondered if she suspected me of leprosy. Once she looked at the callouses on the bottom of my feet, she politely told me that her machine was not powerful enough to handle it; would I mind a manual pedicure at the higher cost? Well I was mellow enough by this time to go for it. An hour and a quarter later, I was putting my socks back on my beautiful feet feeling on top of the world. I made another appointment for when we return from vacation and am now thinking my idea to take on private students is a great idea to afford these little luxuries on a semi-regular basis. After all, when my feet hurt, I don't walk properly and I already herniated a disc in my back. Is that rationale enough?

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