Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Pre-Thanksgiving Post

Yes, tomorrow is Thanksgiving and it is the holiday that I miss most not living in the States anymore. This picture could almost pass for our past holiday celebrations, except we had more food that is pictured here.

Alas, living here, I have to teach tomorrow. We did score a WHOLE turkey, quite the anomaly here. One of my students went to seven butchers to see about ordering one, but it would take over a week. Since he started this pursuit on Monday, there was not enough time. Ron has a loving friend who is also a docent at the Art Museum, whose husband works for the US Embassy. She offered to us one at the commissary. Yipee!

We had a friend bring us cranberries, canned pumpkin, and evaporated milk, none of which are available here. I will make stuffing from scratch. After some shopping around, Ron managed to find four sweet potatoes. I will make fresh mashed white ones too.

We have invited two of our favorite of my students to join us for an American cultural infusion. I do miss decorating the house, the days of cooking and preparing, and having a half dozen of friends over for dinner. This is a great replacement.

For all of you who celebrate, Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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Paul Roberts said...

Happy Thanksgiving

Here in the UK the turkey blitz starts nearer Christmas, i think you'd have trouble finding one at this time here too.

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