Friday, November 23, 2007

Another Thanksgiving Over

Well it is post our Thanksgiving feast and we were actually able to do some feasting after all. Our friend Dawn brought us pumpkin, condensed milk, and cranberry sauce on one of her trips here from the States. Ron has a fellow Art Museum docent whose husband works for the US embassy and she was able to get us a whole turkey from the embassy commissary. How I would love to go wild shopping there, but no one is allowed in if you are not an embassy employee or relative. One of my students went to 7 butchers trying to get one before we scored one, but no luck. To order one would take one to two weeks. As one of the commentors stated, even in the UK, it would be difficult to find a whole turkey until Christmas. Having them available all year round in the US, you never stop to think of differences elsewhere. However, in years past, we have regularly taken note of it.
Our dinner included turkey, stuffing, fresh mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, green beans, and pumpkin pies. It was not nearly as impressive as my holiday spreads in the States and certainly not served on the special dishes and platters, but with two
Hungarian students joining us, they did not know any differently and were thrilled to be included. One of the students was the turkey hunter.
After dinner, we taught them Cribbage and they loved it. We played two games of that and one of "Bullshit" a game they taught us. The evening ended at midnight. It was truly an evening to be thankful for.

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