Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Children's Railway

If Earl had his way, he would sit around the apartment all day. He will not venture out on his own at all. He keeps saying "I just to see you guys." Well, we guys don't want to sit around all day, we have things to do. We have to modify them to include him or to not ignore the fact that he is here, which is a burden. His last visit was two years ago, but Ron was in Iowa while he was here and I was left to entertain alone. Ron suggested we do the Children's Railroad for something to do. It was a good idea for a refresher for me to write about it for the Frommer's guide. Earl was nonplussed. His mantra is "I'll do whatever you guys want to do." We guys want a guest who is independent. After we took him to purchase his transportation pass, we took the subway to the tram, to the Cogwheel, to the Children's Railroad at the end of the line. We had 45 minutes to wait for the next train. Ron had to leave to teach a lesson and I had to get home for a guest coming. The ride was pleasant and for the most part, the train was empty. The lush green trees and the sometime views of the Buda Hills made the trip worthwhile, though Earl was there for the ride. When we stopped and a large group of children boarded, he wished out loud that they would board the other car. They must have heard his thoughts as they started into our car, but changed directions and went to the other one. At the end of the line, Ron took off for his lesson; Earl and I went to get something for dinner and then home. Our guest's plane was late and he did not show until two hours after his scheduled time. I was having problems installing MS Office 2007. The product key would not take. I also received a letter from the district office, making me nervous from the few words I could read. I called my student Balazs and he came to my rescue. The letter was only a notice that the district could not assist us with our gas bill since I did not complete the form. Office 2007 was a greater challenge. After forty minutes of fiddling, trying different methods, griping, swearing, and brainstorming, we had a "DUH" moment. The number we were trying to enter for the program key was not the key. The key was actually on the inside back of the plastic box that housed the software. Neither of us had noticed it and there was no literature to suggest our looking there for it. Once we had it, it loaded fine, but the next glitch was that Office 2003 had to be deleted first. Ugh! We watched a movie after dinner, not a great departure from our evening routine.

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