Saturday, July 22, 2006

Stained Glass Heaven

For anyone who appreciates stained glass, this is the most exquisite museum to visit. Mikas Róth had a worldwide reputation with his glass works both creating stained glass and later painting on glass. Born in 1855, he learned his art from his father who was also a stained glass master artist. Mikas took over the family studio at the early age of 19 years old. It is said that his talents with painting on glass is what set him apart from the rest, creating a reputation for greatness. He also created mosaics, which are equally extraordinary. His works are still part of buildings in Mexico, Serbia, and Oslo just to name a few. His former home is the site of the museum located at Nefelejcs utca 26 in District VII. The entrance fee was 500 Huf and the photo ticket was 2,000 Huf. If you have any appreciation for stained glass or mosaics, this is not a museum to by-pass a photo ticket.

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