Saturday, July 29, 2006

Movie, Rain, and Dinner

Angela came over this morning to have us babysit some luggage, while she continues her Hungarian studies in Szeged for four more weeks. We had decided to go to the Amstel Café for dinner with her and her friend Tara later this evening. Ron and I decided to try to beat the heat by getting in a movie. We settled on “Memoirs of a Geisha” since we both read the novel. I always claim that I hate seeing a movie after reading the book. It is a set-up for disappointment. Regardless of my claims, I do it. I have this morbid curiosity to see how they have destroyed what some author has created. Aside from having read the book, this movie was visually stimulating. It did not follow the book and as a story, I liked the book much better. However, the cinematography was excellent, though the sound quality was miserable. When listening to non-native English speakers speaking with thick accents, it is incomprehensible when there is any other background noise. In the opening scenes, there are children speaking. Their elocution is not the best, but a further disruption to this is when they were walking up stairs with wooden shoes. The noise made by their shoes obliterated their speech. This happened again and again with different scenes; background noises of daily events blotting out the story lines. When we let the theater, it was pouring rain with thunder and lightning; we of course, did not have umbrellas. Walking in the rain was refreshing after the blistering heat, but we aborted our plan to meet Angela and Tara at the melted cow statue and went directly to the restaurant. By the time we arrived, it had stopped raining. Dinner was all that we had come to expect from past experiences and the four of us went for a walk down to the Szoda pub and then the Four Seasons hotel to show Tara. On our way home, we stopped at a new palacsinta place and had dessert crepes. It is a 24-hour restaurant, so this will be on our list of places to return to often; they are very inexpensive.

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