Thursday, April 13, 2006

Hungarian Immigration Nightmares Again

Ron received an e-mail almost in the evening from the agency who charges us dearly for assisting us with our permits. Of course, it arrives on a Friday evening and states that since our 5 yr. permits are not ready, he has to reapply for an annual one. He has this shopping list of things that he needs to gather for his appointment on Tuesday, the 18th. Of course, some of these things need to be collected from agencies that are closed Good Friday and Easter Monday. One of the new requirements has to be counter-signed by our Hungarian attorney who is out of town for the holiday.

I have never seen him get as mad as he was at the rep at the agency, today. I am not quite sure why we pay so much money to them when we do all of the running around getting the forms and things that we need. Now Tuesday morning, he will be running to two agencies to get the last pieces of paper before going to his appointment at 2:00 PM. He told one of my students, "At the moment, I hate Hungary." I am sure the US makes it just as difficult to others too. It is always a chilling eye opener when we have to go through it.

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