Monday, April 10, 2006

A Dutch Guardian Angel's Advice

If anyone should come to Amsterdam, I thought I would share the information that the Dutch Guardian Angel gave to me regarding the ticket machines.

A demo is available on the web at

Note that I could not get the credit card machine to work with my Mastercard. Many in front of me were having problems too, so I would make sure I used a coin machine in the future.

Raak het scherm aan is: Touch screen

Enkele reis is: single

Dagretour is: day return, you are returning the same day

Touch the letter for the city you are going. In my case it was L for Leiden. Some machines will list all of the cities with their codes and there is a numeric pad to put in the city code.

If the screen shows the cities, touch the city you want to go.

2e is: Second class (there is not that much difference to waste the money for 1st)

Vol Tarief is: full price (even if you are senior, you may not qualify for a discount if you are not an EU citizen)

Vandaag geldig is: valid today

Kaartje is: number of tickets

Muntgeld is: coins
The amount you need to insert will display. Enter the coins and wait for your ticket.

Remember the problem I had was not having enough coins to cover the fare, otherwise I could have avoided waiting in line for purchasing a ticket.

In Amsterdam, there are women who are wearing blue and red hats and are service persons to assist. If you think you will need one, get one to assist you before you are standing in front of the machine. There may not be one within screaming range.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ryan,
As usual you are entertaining, informative and educational!
Many thanks.
Have copied and pasted most of your info for my day in Amsterdam in August.

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