Wednesday, January 04, 2006


HOWL!! We had hopes of going up the mountain today, but yet again the wind is howling horrendously. The clouds are almost completely covering the mountain top. It is amazing to watch the clouds fall over the sides cascading downward. Plan B was to go to the South African Art Gallery, so we did. We are getting used to these long walks into town from the house. When the weather is nice, it is a pleasant experience. The gallery is only one floor, but has ten rooms. There are very few pieces from famous artists that I knew, but many of the pieces were splendid. I took a lot of pictures. The gift shop was also memorable. The items there were unlike anywhere else. It is surprising how the gift shops all have different things and they are different from the downtown markets. I bought a little bowl for Elvira and another one for our dresser for Ron to keep his change in. I bought a giraffe keychain for Balazs. We walked to the Catwalk to check e-mails, but nothing of importance. We were at a loss as to what to do next, but Ron wanted one more trip the Pan African market. I sent him up alone; it is too tempting for me and knowing they can take Visa is an issue. The problem is getting it home from Paris on Wizz. They have tight weight restrictions, which are lower than the full price airlines. Ron found a little bead thing for the kitchen wall, our wall of memories. We stopped at Lord Nelson Hotel to find out the times of high tea: 2:30 to 5:30 pm. The cost is 120 Rand per person. I would like to go there tomorrow for my birthday. We walked to Ashanti to double check on our reservations in Pretoria for the 6th, but Landy was on lunch break for over 2 hours. The other agent gave us the information after calling them to verify it. We are taking Patricia and Don out for dinner for Italian food at the restaurant around the corner for my secret birthday celebration. As it turned out the Italian restaurant was closed, so we went to another. It was a great birthday dinner with special people. When we returned to the house, we asked that they autograph the books they authored that we purchased. Don has this idea for a story for the magazine. He wants to come to Budapest and write an article on Getting Out of South Africa on 10,000 Rand per person. They want to stay with us and write about our B and B. He has to pitch it to his editor. Ron had to hold a pole when the winds really came up.

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