Tuesday, April 07, 2015

No Escaping Hungarians

One of the walking tours I had found and brought along was a
shopping tour. Ron is not a shopper, but what did pique his
interest was a shop and museum owned by a Hungarian, Olga Fisch. Okay, it does not sound like a Hungarian name, but we did not name her so get over it. 

According to the walking
tour, her shop is heavy handed with the price tags. We had no intention of buying, but this was described as art as opposed to souvenirs. Being off of the beaten track, we climbed a hill to get to the front door.

The security guard needed to call the salesperson, who then admitted us. This really is an art gallery, the items were
lovely. That said, the only thing that really caught my eye was a set of salt and pepper shakers resembling an indigenous couple. At $47, I left them behind. 

There is a museum upstairs from the shop. We wanted to visit, but I was anticipating a hefty admission. Well, wrong! It was free. It is a small, but outstanding collection of antiquities and cultural items. 

Later, speaking with the salesperson, we found that Olga came to Ecuador in 1936 from Budapest, but she died 25 years ago. She was quite famous as an artist and as a collector who encouraged cultural art among the Ecuadorians.  

After a wonderful lunch for $3, we walked back to the bus stop to go home. We happened upon a lovely church, Iglesia de Santa Teresita. There were some gorgeous mosaics behind the altar.

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