Monday, January 05, 2015

Another Birthday Wish

Happy Birthday!

Yes, I know it is not today but tomorrow; however, I wanted to demonstrate that, unlike the throng of commenters who will wish you well on social media, I need no notification to remember. Knowing that this is the first time in years you spend your birthday home, I was going to suggest meeting up for a celebratory cup of hot beverage; alas, I have since been forced to retract the thought because my final exam is going to take place in 10 days, and there is still very much to learn. Anyway, happy birthday! I hope you get to spend it the way you want to.

He must have known. There have been over 47 well wishers so far on Facebook and via e-mails. I am overwhelmed.

and then...

Dear Dr. James,
I would like to wish you, one of the most influential professors I know, a very Happy Birthday! 
I hope you are feeling well, and you are enjoying this special day.

All the best,

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