Saturday, November 15, 2014

Colorize The City

From the beginning of August to the end of September, Budapest was made even more beautiful than it has been for decades. Budapest it seems has a Színes Város Festival, an arts and music celebration featuring more than 100 programs, which we were not even aware of; however, street artists joined in the fun this year.

They produced ten new wall murals around the city, covering unsightly cement walls. I have not looked for all of them, but there are two on our block. You can find all of the murals and brief stories about the artists by clicking here.

Both of the Akácfa murals seem to be themed partially on rampage, yet the artists were from different countries. The “Chill vagy tombolás” (“Chill or rampage”) mural reminds me of E.T. The artist is from Poland. While the swallows on the opposite side of the building are entitled “Nyugalom, vagy tombolás” ("Calmness or rampage”). 

Rampage was not a theme to be followed; other murals do not have rampage assoications.

I have seen about 7 of the 10, only because I don't want to hunt them down. It is more fun to happen upon them as an unexpected surprise.

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