Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Slow Cooker That Time Forgot

For a few years now, I have been missing my slow cooker that is sitting in storage in NJ. Not that it would be useful here; a convertor would be needed and then it would be iffy if it would work at all. Checking every store numerous times, I had never found one.

Then Geoff Riddle, the visiting beau of Kat McFadden who is stationed here for her work, found a source for me online. I ordered it as soon as we returned from Spain. It was through a web shop, so it took a week to actually arrive. This last Thursday I picked it up, late in the afternoon, at the pick-pont as the e-mailed stated. I was excited to try out my new toy Friday to make our dinner. I had already collected some great slow-cooker recipes.

Thursday evening, the electric went out. We checked the main switch, but it was on. The circuit breakers were all on. Strangely, my computer, the cable box and one floor lamp were the only things in the apartment that were working. After shutting down the computer, Ron switched off all the breakers, only to turn them on again after 10 minutes. Lights once again!

Mid-evening, half way through a movie, the TV went out. That was our big clue the electric went off again. Sure enough it did, but again not the computer or lamp. This time, some of the breakers were down, but only three. Resetting them got us through the night.

Friday, we called three electricians; two of them could not come until Monday. They were out of the city or working other jobs elsewhere. Our last shot was to try our local handymen, one Brit and one Hungarian. E-mailing the Brit first, he responded that he was in England, but to call Attila. Attila was on vacation with his family, but gave us another name and number to call.

We called Laci, who managed to make it here at 7pm on Friday night, a miracle in itself. Within 20 minutes he found the problem and fixed it, telling us to call him if we continued to have problems, but he doubted we would. He complimented the electrician who put in the breaker box, stating he did excellent work. That was 3-4 years ago. Some wires loosened over time causing our current problem.

By this time, we had a full weekend planned, so we could not invite Kat and Dan over for the inaugural dinner. Tonight is the night. I am making Pulled Chicken Parmigianino sandwiches.

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