Friday, June 07, 2013

Take a Wizz...Flight

People, who are not familiar, always laugh when they first hear that they should take Wizz somewhere. It almost sounds like a chamber pot activity best not discussed in polite company. Those who are in the know realize that Wizz is taking control of the sky for the budget jet set crowd. They are now spreading their Budapest based wings further afield with a new destination: Istanbul, Turkey.

According to “Wizz Air operates a fleet of 44 A320 Airbus aircraft from 16 bases on over 270 routes with 92 destinations to 33 countries. The airline expects to carry more than 13.5 million passengers this year, up from over 11 million in 2012.”

It has always fascinated me how an airline could serve so many cities with so few planes.

This is the starting schedule.

In addition, Wizz is now flying to Baku. Where is Baku? It is the capital of Azerbaijan.
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