Sunday, May 12, 2013

Hungarians in Duquense, PA Video

Our nephew came across this video and shared it with us. He lives in Pittsburgh and was here to visit with his new wife on their honeymoon trip.
This is a short video of Hungarians who went to PA to work in the steel mills. When they interview people, it is in Hungarian, but the English narrator does give an overview.

From YouTube " This documentary, Krisztus Vándorai, filmed in the United States by Debrecen Televízió, aired in Hungary in 2009. It recalled the Hungarians' plight within their own country from which they fled for a better life, leaving their native homes of Northeast pre-Trianon Hungary (present-day Slovakia and Romania).

This 10-minute excerpt from the four-hour-long production, documents the congregation of my home church, the Hungarian Reformed Church of Duquense, Pennsylvania (near Pittsburgh), for which I am the Assistant Chief Elder. Appearing in this portion of the film are Rev. Dr. József Posta, Marian Balázs Nagy (1920-2010), Olga Balázs Darnay, and Julius Nagy.

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