Monday, March 11, 2013

ELTE Student Blogs

Being the Coordinator of the Journalism and Writing program at the university where I have been teaching for the last 11 years, one of the course I implemented was Blogging and Websites. 

One of the standards for the course is that each student has to create and design a blog for starters, but then post minimally on a weekly basis, but more is encouraged.

The most difficult part about teaching this course is getting students to come up with somewhat original ideas that have not been trampled into the ground. Each blog has to be in English and must be directed to an international audience, specifically the ex-pats in Budapest or Hungary. Though this is not to say the information may not be of interest to others particularly those who are planning to travel here.

Here are the blogs. If you click on the name of each blog, you will be redirected to that actual blog. Let me encourage you to comment on the blogs you visit. Students need this type of feedback to encourage their writing.

Project culTour - Reviews of the lesser frequented museums in Budapest

Dobrú Chut - Slovakian cooking with photos

Soccerified - The World of soccer from a European point of view

Pet Rescue in Budapest - Helping pets find new homes

Clothing Remix: Find your best second hand in Budapest - Creating fashion from used clothing stores

Women’s Soccer Around the World - Need I describe this one?

Around the Streets on Six Feet - Dog care from a dog trial judge and dog expert

Budapest: Then & Now - Photos of Budapest streets from their glorious past and present

Hiking Opportunities in Hungary - An outdoorsy blog

Ez-Tec - For those who like technology

Just Cheer for It - Cheer-leading in Hungary? You bet.

Crème de la Crème The Best Traditional Hungarian Sweets - Creating Hungarian sweets at home

Shop Local, Cook Global - The international food markets around the city

Care for a Cup? - For tea lovers and those who love them - tea houses, tea reviews and more

Can I Have This Dance? - Different types of dance and some dance venues in the city

Café Budapest - Reviews of the lesser known, but artsy coffee houses in the city with a twist

Read for the Kids - Kind of explains itself

Sit and Save - an ordinary new Life - Brought to you by our German Erasmus studentEnhanced by Zemanta

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