Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Through Rain, Through Snow....

The US Postal service has this motto: "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds." Notice that there is nothing there about efficiency or whether or not you will actually get your mail.

Generally I have all packages sent to me at the university, because I have had the best luck with not having to visit a Customs office when things larger than an envelope are addressed to me there. The other reason is that if we are not home, the postal person leaves a notice stating we have to go to a post office in another district to collect our goods; it is not a fun trip. 

Our friend Jeff sent me a package back in November. It had not arrived by the time we left, December 15th. I ordered seven books before we left on December 10th. When we returned and I stopped in at the university, they were all there minus 1 and Jeff's package was still MIA. As of yesterday, both there still no shows. But who is to blame? One would jump to the conclusion that it is the Hungarian Postal Service's fault, but lest we be too quick to judge, it could very well be our economically beleaguered US Postal buddies.

This was a long lead in to another story. If you read the Galapagos posts, you will remember Post Office Bay on Floreana Island. People leave postcards there for others to "mail" for them. We were happy to retrieve 2 from Hungary: 1 Budapest and 1 Szombathely.

When we returned, Ron mailed them both with a note and his e-mail address. This was the e-mail he received today. It does your heart good to know some postal systems work, even when there is no Post Office General to supervise it.

Thanks, for picking up our postcard from Galapagos, Florina - Post office bay. We are really surprised that it arrived. The legend looks like still alive. Unfortunately we didn’t find Hungarian cards, only from Austria, but we send it too to  Berndorf , Austria.
Thanks again :  ).

Best regards,
POOR Family from Szombathely

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