Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Time

It will soon be Thanksgiving, like tomorrow. This is one of my favorite holidays. I used to have a holiday trio: Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Halloween isn't so much fun since we have lived in Hungary. There are no festive kiddies prancing the streets looking for goodies or mischief.

Christmas has fallen from favor since we are on vacation each year when it comes around. We celebrate it alone, in some warm inviting country discovering new foods and customs. Yet I still miss that sense of family that I grew up with, even if that went by the wayside decades ago.

So all of my energy is tossed into Thanksgiving. For years, I would have to start pleading guests starting in May, to bring over ingredients from the US that I could not find here. Each year, it has become a bit easier, if not expensive, having to buy these items at the specialty shops. But, it is only once a year and we don't have people to buy Christmas presents for, so why not? 

Tomorrow, we will have a total of 7 for dinner, all Americans. Our annual tradition is to try to reach out the Americans that we have come to known here who don't have family or other big events to attend.

The menu includes:
Appetizers of Artichoke Dip and Corn crisps

Then at the dinner table:
Pumpkin soup

Italian flavored mushrooms
Mashed potatoes
Sweet potato casserole

Brussels Sprouts
Cranberry sauce
Pumpkin pie
Apple pie

Not too shabby for a hunt and peck ingredients hunt.

If I don't make it back tomorrow between the cooking, Happy Thanksgiving to all of you USA folks. Sorry, Canada, I know yours was last month.
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