Tuesday, September 04, 2012

National Theatre Live

Benedict Cumberbatch at Frankenstein Q&A at th...
Benedict Cumberbatch at Frankenstein Q&A at the National Theatre (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
This evening we had tickets to see Frankenstein, a production by the London National Theatre Live. This is the fourth season for NTL, but the first we were aware of, that being only by chance. Some guests had mentioned it or we would never have known. We were joined by our neighbors Chuck and Jimmy.

The London theatre films live productions in high definition and then broadcasts them to over 500 venues worldwide. They have about 4 performances a year.

The only times you did not feel close to a live performance were the birds-eye view shots of the stage. Otherwise the cinematography was exceptional, as was the acting. The roles of Frankenstein and the monster were alternately played by two different actors. For our performance, Benedict Cumberbatch was the monster with Jonny Lee Miller as Frankenstein. Cumberbatch stars in a BBC show called Sherlock and is as brilliant in that role as he was in this one as a monster.

This was an original version of the classic story. There was a major twist in the plot adding to its appeal.

I signed up for the e-mail alerts for future shows. Strangely, Hungary was not even on the list of venues hosting the show. This is something I would definitely be interested in for future shows. 
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