Friday, February 17, 2012

Szia! My Caduceus is Moving Abroad

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Last week, one of the attendees from the professional writing course that I taught, contacted me. He wanted to meet for a coffee. Being there were 35 in the morning class and an almost equal number in the 2nd session, I could not put a face to the name. We arranged to meet. He was probably the youngest person to attend this course; he is a freshman at another university. 

It only took a few minutes to confirm his intelligence. Now that I had a face, I remembered his highly intelligent comments and questions during the seminar classes. However, his first question to me over a steaming espresso drink was "How do I escape to America? Do you have any insider secrets?" If I had some insider secrets, I would be doing seminars called "Insider Secrets for Getting to America". Everyone thinks that all Americans have this bag of tricks on getting over the big pond and staying there in peace and harmony while they make the American Dream their reality.

This young man is not an isolated incident, but I did forward him some articles about the American economy, the cost of education in the US, and the Occupy Movements. Intelligence does not equal paying attention to current events.

While on the topic of fleeing, there was an article in Caboodle today that talks about medical doctors fleeing the country in droves. It states that 100 doctors leave the country each month to work abroad. I know that I have lost 2 doctors that I was seeing. Both spoke great English

According to Semmelweis University, the medical training facility where they teach in English, one third of the doctors who graduate don't ever start their career in Hungary. Fewer than 100 foreign doctors ask for their diploma to be validated in Hungary, meaning once they skedaddle, they are taking the welcome mat with them. Between 2006 and 2010, the number of doctors has dropped by 4,000. Get out those vitamins and stay healthy.
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