Saturday, December 03, 2011

Hot Fix My Ascot

Ron primarily uses the computer in the kitchen because he finds it too cumbersome to pry me out of the chair from in front of the computer in the living room. He used to grab the chair and wheel me away, but since I glued the wheels in place it has thwarted him behavior. The only reason he even wants to use MY computer is for the printer.

Ah, but we have Windows 7 on both computers, why not set up a Home Group and share the printer? Well, I did that, but it only works intermittently. Every so often I have to raze the home, sending the group scattering like roaches in the restaurant kitchen when the lights go on. 

Coincidentally, today one of my newsletters addressed this very issue. However it was strange that the Techno-Granny Knitting Korner would have such an article, but it must have been providence, though much less divine. For intermittent disruptions in your Home Group printer working properly, please see Article KP Z238Q81U42 at the Broken Windows Fix-it Center. 

I clicked on their hyperlink, which took me directly to where I needed to be, but the flashing caution sign gave me a moment of pause. Only use this Hotfix if the following conditions apply.
That was it. 1 with nothing there. No 2 followed. The small print said "Use this Hotfix at your own risk, because we are actually working on a better Hotfix, but we won't tell you when it will be available. You will need to continue to check back or check for further update information in your favorite newsletters."

If you still want to download this particular Hotfix, proceed with cautionary measures as we have been having problems with these downloads, but we have not found the Hotfix to fix it yet. 

If you are successful in getting the Hotfix to download, you will need to sign the waiver releasing us from all responsibility so that we are absolved from any blame. 

I thought it over and went to the mall to buy a cheap printer for the kitchen. That was my HOT fix.
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