Saturday, February 07, 2015

Poco a Poco Vamos

Trying to take more time with things that need to be done, we
Primal Scream!
left the apartment late again on Friday. The trials and tribulations of the Florida apartment as well as the Budapest rental are still driving me crazy. There has not been any resolution after dozens of e-mails. 

We did want to see the photo exhibit by Michael J. Hamilton that we did not have time to squeeze in before meeting the gang on Thursday.

We took the bus one stop too far, we thought, but it was fortunate. As we walked back to where we thought the exhibit was, it was closer than we expected. Rarely do they offer specific addresses, but more like vague suggestions. Finding it was a boon; we had thought it was much farther back on Calle Larga than it was. His photographs cover a number of countries and are exquisite works of art. If we had wall space, several pieces would have tempted us. He has quite a list of exhibitions and awards. Chatting with him, we found out he is from Colorado, but has lived here in Cuenca for the last three years. Click on his name above to see his website. 

Both of us were famished. We had passed by a restaurant called Patacón Green & Beans innumerable times, but had not tried it. We were not quite sure what patacón was, but we had a feeling it had to do something with plantains, so we decided to try it. Ron ordered a sandwich of chicken curry and I had a pork sandwich. The young man running the place was quick to inform us, there was no bread involved in the sandwiches. Replacing the bread was smashed plantains. 

Chicken curry sandwich with plantains replacing bread
We could not mentally visualize this, but when they arrived, it was an “aha” moment. They were delicious, though Ron’s was moister with the curry sauce. I really enjoyed the pork with tomato, lettuce and avocado, but it needed a little more moisture. This is a return to place for sure.

There were three small museums we have wanted to visit. One was a monastery museum, but we have yet to find it open after walking by it more than three dozen times. A second modern art museum seems to be just as elusive. When we made a concentrated effort to find it, we realized we had walked by it on many occasions as well, but it has never been open. Finally, the third, the directions were so poor we just gave up looking for it. 

This is the way things are in many countries. They do not keep their hours posted and often there are no websites to check. When they do have websites, they are often neglected shortly after they are created; they never get updated information. I found this to be the case in Hungary, quite frequently. 

The plan for the evening was to return to the city center for a piano recital. Again, the directions said one thing in the online post, but another in a different advertisement. Ron asked at the tourism office. It turns out it was cancelled. Thursday night was the only performance. We lost out. 

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