Monday, August 18, 2014

Holding Out for Markus!

Spending so much time at the computer has not only ruined my exercise routine, but it has destroyed a series of chairs besides. Because my computer cabinet has restricted leg room, I find it difficult to find a suitable chair that provides both a comfortable support zone as well as ample height adjustments. Then I discovered Markus.

Markus is the alter ego name for an Ikea chair. Each visit to Ikea, I would give Marcus a spin literally to assess his wheel functions. This would be followed by the up and down motions to see if his hydraulics were quick-fire responsive. Finally, stretching backward, led me to feel secure that Marcus could handle a big man.

What kept Marcus and I apart was his cost~ 44,000 Huf. Yes, he came with a 10 year guarantee, but still, that is mucho dinero. However, while we were in Spain, I received the Ikea newsletter for the Ikea Family members. Low and behold, there was Marcus featured on the very first section of the first page. He was marked down to 34,000 Huf. What a deal to save 10,000 Huf! It was almost enough to make me say a pray the sale would last until we returned to Budapest. 

Tuesday after we returned, I made a special trip to Ikea. There was Marcus sitting on the floor with an oversize AKCIO tag on his shoulder pad. Scribbling down his number to retrieve him later, I continued to shop for smaller items.

Thanks to the Ikea Family card, there was indeed the 10,000 reduction. Without the card, it would not have been sale priced. However, it took two boxes to fit it all together, so there was no way for me to cart it home alone on the metro. Knowing well where to the service department was located; I pushed the trolley with Marcus to the desk. There was no way I could assembly him myself with the hydraulics, so some assembly was definitely required.

Delivery charge: 8,690 Huf

Assembly charge: 14,100 Huf

My 10,000 Huf savings evaporated into thin Swedish air.

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