Monday, May 19, 2014

Keep Calm I Am Done

Tomorrow will be a week since my last day of school. I went in on Wednesday to do final grades and of course there were some students who came in to take last-minute make-up quizzes. Normally when school is over, what I delve into with a ferocious attack is the preparation for the next semester. It always felt satisfying to have things entirely finished keeping any agenda from hanging over my head, giving me the opportunity to start the new semester with a clear head and not the stress of procrastination. It feels a strange this time; there are laborious resources researching details, no syllabus writing, no schedule planning after having to hunt down the academic calendar in addition to all the other tidbits that ate away the minutes of my ‘free’ time.

What I am doing instead, is training my Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking speech recognition software. I had used this program many years ago, and it was okay, but not anything near what I had hoped it would be. After many years, with many upgrades, after getting a promotion with a deep discount, I decided to try it again. The 30 day guarantee was the deciding factor. It is extremely impressive this time around; they have fixed many of the bugs in the system from the past. I’m writing this entire blog post only by speaking. This is great since I really need to type, plus it keeps my hands-free for doing other things like reaching for my coffee cup.

Without school to prepare for, one of my projects is to review and update the BudaBab Review blog site. There are 165 blocks or posts of information, which each and every one needed updating to some degree. Put them in chronological order, but within groupings such as tours, shopping, medical needs, etc. made the most sense. However, in order to do that I have had to change all of the dates and times. Thinking it would be easier to do each post with 15 minute increments in between; I realized it allows me to have gaps add any new posts at a later time without disturbing the order. Although this seemed like a great idea when I started, after spending two whole days working on it, I am still not finished. On the bright side, in the process there are new sites that I have found to include, many revolving around travel. I will be sharing some of those sites here in the next couple of days.

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