Friday, April 11, 2014

Rocketmiles - Frequent Flier Rewards

I just happened upon an article in one of my trusted travel newsletters that reviewed the site, Rocketmiles. You sign up for a free account; if you use this code, we will both receive 1,000 bonus miles after you make your first hotel booking on the site. When you register, have your frequent flier numbers handy. You can add them into your account so they are stored when you make a hotel booking. Currently, there is not an extensive list of airline programs to choose from, but the claim is more will be added. United and American are there, but Delta is not.

I did some comparing of hotel rates with this site as opposed to other sites. The rates are within the same price ranges for respective hotels. This assures me that Rocketmiles is not pulling a fast one with higher rates to offset the miles offered.

Of course, when coming to Budapest, the choice is a no-brainer: BudaBaB is worth the stay even without miles.

Another travel tip to share is Blue Ribbon Bags, an insurance
company for lost luggage. You can find their site here. For $5, they will insure your luggage for one traveler for $1,000. They claim you will not have to produce receipts for the items in the luggage. We had our luggage lost going to New Zealand, South Africa, and Portugal. Although they finally showed up, it was a grave nuisance. I will definitely try this service out for our US trip.

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