Friday, February 21, 2014

Planning a Wedding

Planning a wedding is a bit like being Santa Claus. We have checked our guest list to see who has been naughty or nice. Initially, we asked people to respond by March 1st to the RSVP e-mail. Okay, it is not March 1st yet, but here is the deal. By now, everyone should have some idea whether or not they are coming. I sent this out as a reminder with the days getting shorter until March 1st even if the days are getting longer as we approach June 21st for the solstice. 

If they gave a clue, it would help in planning. The one ballroom only holds so many people, but the next ballroom up is $1,300 more.Today, the US Embassy really set my Italian temper on edge. We had to pay $150.00 to have three signatures notarized. It turned out that Iowa has a 3 day waiting period for licenses. We will not arrive 3 days early. The waiver of the 3 days that the state mentions, which costs an extra $5 has in fine print that you need a judge to sign the waiver. Since we are staying with Ron's friends, it was ludicrous to ask them to run us around to find a judge. Not just any judge could sign the paper, it had to be a family court judge and there were no guarantees. 

Plan B was to return to the courthouse on Monday morning, pick up the license, run to the minister's and have him sign it retroactively. Then the airline changed our flight from a 6pm departure to a 9am departure. That shot the opportunity all to hell.
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