Thursday, November 14, 2013

GHENTlemen, Start Packing

Alternative titles for this post could have been:
GHENTlemen, Start Your Engines

God Rest Ye Merry GHENTlemen

We Lucky GHENTlemen

GHENTlemen on the Go

Our trip to Ghent or Gent as it is spelled both ways, all started with a private student mentioning he went to Krakow for the weekend. He and friends drove, so they could come and go as they pleased. We driver’s license-less people have to rely in public transportation.

Nevertheless, he got me to thinking of how long it has been since were in Krakow. I wanted to go. I don’t teach Thursdays or Mondays, so it would be a perfect long weekend. When I came home, I checked all the airlines. Budget fares were few and far between, but only left on Wednesday mornings and returned Sunday nights. Wednesday would not work with my teaching.

Orangeways Bus was next; it is a budget bus company. They had trips leaving on Fridays and returning on Mondays. Perfect! After discussing it with Ron and checking the calendar, we decided on the weekend that would work best. After all, we leave for Central American on December 15th, so there are not too many choices. When I went to book it with Orangeways, it was gone. The Friday travel option did not exist and neither did the return I had hoped for. All the other available dates did not work as well.

Another private student suggested I try Volan Buses. Different company – same story. Frustrated now, but still wanting to travel somewhere, I tried Drungli. This is a website where you put in your dates and it tells you where the cheap airfares are heading. Belgium was the cheapest on the list. At first I thought, “Been there, done that” and almost dismissed it. Then I remembered Ron mentioning numerous times he would love to see Ghent and Bruges. I booked it with WizzAir, which after adding in two large carry-on pieces of luggage; we spent under $100 for both of us roundtrip. Though we will fly into Brussels, we will immediately go to Ghent. We may or may not take a day trip to Bruges. Reports are it is very touristy these days.

Off we go, we leave this Friday on a 6:10 am flight (Ugh!) and return the following Monday at a reasonable 6:15 pm flight.

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