Sunday, October 21, 2012

Wage a War on Wages

This comes directly from the source. When tourists see people out and about and claim the cost of things is either "more expensive than I expected" or "really a bargain", they just don't 'get it. I try to explain that either way, it is most likely expensive for citizens. This will prove the point.

October 17th, 2012
Government, unions, employers begin talks on minimum wage

Talks started on increasing next year’s minimum wage between the government, employers and unions on Tuesday, the economy ministry told MTI.
The ministry said it would disclose details once an agreement is reached.

According to MTI’s information, the government put forward a proposal for a 4.3 percent increase of the minimum wage and the minimum wage for skilled workers, in line with its 4.3 percent inflation projection for 2013 with the possibility of a higher increase left on the table as well.

The minimum wages are currently 93,000 forints (EUR 334 = US Dollars 434.96 or 269.21 British Pounds) and 108,000 forints per month, respectively.

The Federation of Hungarian Entrepreneurs and Employers’ (VOSZ) position was that it should be considered whether these wages should be increased at all. VOSZ secretary general Ferenc David called it risky to plan a wage increase in an economy that is expected to stagnate or even deteriorate next year.

He said that VOSZ is under great pressure to support an increase, but can only agree with a rate of next year’s inflation or below.

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