Monday, February 27, 2012

Sunday's Outing

During the school year, just about everyday is consumed with reading students' work, whether it be essays or drafts of their thesis. It is not unusual for me to forget to get out for some fresh air. Sunday, Ron's mandate was to make sure we get outdoors, so we went to Castle Hill. Having been there over 12,000 times, I didn't bother bringing my camera. I reasoned that I had photos of just about every view imaginable. But I was wrong. 

The scaffolding signs of renovations are almost completely absent from St. Matthias. It is so sparkling clean you almost need sunglasses to stare at it. It looks more like a sculpture created from sugar cubes.Oh, and they have the upper section of Fisherman's Bastion open without the toll they were demanding during last tourist season. It is a breathtaking view and as Ron shared, how spectacularly different the view is when you climb up a few feet higher. These photos were taken with my phone, so the quality is just shareable here.

St. Matthias Church, Castle Hill Budapest

St. Matthias Church, Castle Hill Budapest

View of Parliament from the upper deck of Fisherman's Bastion

St. Matthias Church, Castle Hill Budapest
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