Friday, December 16, 2011

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Part of me was secretly worried that the Hard Rock Cafe Budapest would open while we were gone, missing the grand opening. There have been signs announcing their opening in December in the metro station floors, particularly at Deák tér, a logical choice since all three metros meet here. Yet not one sign gave a date other than December.

I had promised students I would go into school today to sign their grade books; only 2 showed and a third stopped by for a chat. As noon was rolling around, I had convinced Ron we should take one last shot at going to Hard Rock to see what was what.

I was on top of the world! It open on Wednesday. We went in to buy our first Hard Rock Budapest pins to add to our collection of about 55 pins from around the world. We had to stay for lunch too. Spanning three floors, they really went all out with the decorations. Placements are superbly spread out so there is visual enjoyment without sensory overload. Even the bathroom doors are artistically embossed with a leaf design. Accolades to the designers; you did an excellent job.

After buying our pins, we were told the restaurant is upstairs, while the bar is downstairs. Though we were able to look at the restaurant, it doesn't open until 1pm. Being it was only 12:55 pm, they strongly suggested we move on down to the lowest floor for our nourishment. My choice has always been the pulled pork sandwich, but being this was lunch with no pork pulling in site, I chose the Honey Chicken Cobb Salad. Excellent choice as the dressing was perfect. Some type of pepper gave a little bite to the flavor, while just a touch of cilantro provide a quick mouth refresher.

Of course the service was excellent, but I cannot say I have ever had anything less from any Hard Rock. The manager made the rounds. He looked to be about 10 years old. Rock and Roll to him must have been a course in ancient history, while Ron and I are swapping memories of the memorabilia. This was a lovely pre-Christmas send off, but best of all, knowing it will be here when I return, is the best-best.

Location: Vörösmarty tér at Váci utca.
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