Friday, August 27, 2010

You Know the Vacation is Over...

You know the vacation is over as soon as you step foot in the home airport planning your transportation home again. Then you open the fridge to find it either empty or a lab for nutritional biologists.

Having having access to the Internet was more relaxing than stressful, which I had anticipated. Once home and connected, I was especially grateful for not checking e-mails while gone. There were over 500 fairly legitimate e-mails, with another few hundred in the Spam filter.

Students are starting to think about school again, which is encouraging. There were over a dozen e-mails from various groups of my kids. My newest group do not know they are soon to be my kids. Of course there are university problems, but not student initiated. Classes that overlap each other, but are still required for all, problems with accessing the registration online, and the list goes on. Fortunately, there are some responsive people at school who have helped out with some of this. It just makes me wonder how Trinity handles their 16,000 students when registration comes around, but better yet, how did they handle it before computers?

So later today, I will meet with students who are writing their thesis this semester and I am their adviser. I will meet with a new substitute teacher who is replacing colleague on maternity leave. I will meet with some new students to give them the CDs for the upcoming classes. When I am done for the day, I will come home and look at my pictures from Ireland and try to recapture those feelings of relaxation and peace. 
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