Monday, January 18, 2010

Back in the Saddle

It is COLD outside; it has been snowing all day, but it is not sticking. Where are those 90 degree days we complained about? Isn't human nature funny? We are never content with things until we don't have them. 

I feel really accomplished getting all of my photos uploaded. I have been bombarded with requests from students to write letters of recommendations, which I don't mind doing, but some of them are living in other countries. That meant running around for oversized envelopes that will accommodate three regular sized envelopes and them mail them off to Germany. I also ran over to school today. I knew I was slated for State Exams and thought I signed up for this Wednesday, but decided to check to make sure. Deep down inside, I was hoping they would not need me and I could get out of it, but no such luck. We have six students to exam on the 20th.

This weekend, I will be teaching the second part of an adult education course on writing. I spent half the day today preparing for that. The class is only 1 1/2 hours this Saturday and again next, but if I over plan, I will feel more confident. 

While we were on vacation, I was able to convince Ron to take a photography class with me. He is always fine with expenses on vacation, but when it is an expense at home, he about gags. Before he had a chance, I had him signed up and committed. We start Tuesday night, tomorrow. It lasts ten weeks. In preparation, I thought I should start reading the manual of my new camera. Dung the whole of the vacation, I wondered if I had made the correct decision to leave it behind; the dangers of theft were nothing like we had been warned about. However, when I read the directions, I knew it was a smart decision. In big bold letters, it said to protect the camera from the heavy movements of a car, motorcycle, or ship. I could not protect myself during this trip from the ruckus of the car, let alone a camera. My old Minolta seemed to stand the tests of shake, rattle, and roll without so much as a squeak. 

One last thing, today is one week since I last had a cigarette. Yahoo!

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