Friday, March 14, 2008


March 13, 2008

US Dollar Achieves New Level of Sucktitude With Forint


The Almighty Dollar? Not so mighty these days. Hell, not even remotely so, with just about every currency taunting it like the freckled redhead who can't throw a ball properly. Checking out the dollar to forint exchange rate yesterday, we were shocked to discover that $1 = Ft 167. The last time the exchange rate was this low a Democratic US president was in office with with a Democratic congress, only half of the former Yugoslavia had seceded, and Ace of Base were topping worldwide charts. But in a different form of comparison, a beer in a Budapest pub will run you $3 and a pack of smokes nearly $3.50 these days. Back then when the exchange rate was the same, a beer in a pub cost you a buck at most, and smokers could hotbox a basement bar on the cheap, as they were practically giving away the damn things for free.

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