Monday, May 08, 2006

I received these two comments

I received these two comments in the ‘anonymous’ comments section, but I feel comments are meant to be shared, so here they are.

To the first person, you are welcome x 3, but for what are you thanking me? To the second person, I am so happy Gilbert is getting his art out there. I found three possible sources for him to sell his work here in Budapest, but darn, he does not respond to e-mails. If anyone reads this before seeing him, tell him Ryan needs to reach him.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Hi,Just wanted to second the opinion above about Gilbert Khumalo and his wonderful beadwork. We met him last Sunday at the Green Point Arts & Crafts market in Cape Town and bought a beautiful beaded elephant head from him. Awesome stuff!

I love the comments, it feels great being ‘heard’ and the only way I know for sure there is someone reading what I write is when you write a comment.

Thank you, thank you, thank you,

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Ryan, I've have enjoyed your comments and travelogue tremendously. I know that I've seen you either on Travelzine or WWtraveler. I've been to Budapest twice. Once was in 1967 and the other time was 2003. I hope to return again and will certainly try to stay with you. I feel that I missed most of Budapest, after reading your Blog. The first time we had a government guide, so saw what she wanted us to see. The second time I was so exhausted after 4 weeks in Europe that I only saw a bit. Next time it will be my primary destination and I hope to see much more. Keep writing the wonderful things you write.

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