Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy St Patricks Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Well not here it is not. They do not celebrate it and for the most part, do not even know about it. Sure there are some bars and pubs that are going to profit by the crazy ex-pats who feel a need for a Guinness, but not this one. If they were offering some corned beef, they would find me waiting for a table, but I have yet to see this advertised. Corned beef is something that you cannot even explain to a Hungarian who has not had it in the States. They are clueless. When we were in Ireland, the Irish that we spoke with told us that Americans were a strange lot for thinking that Irish considered corned beef and cabbage a staple of their cuisine. All of them, with upturned noses, said that this was food for the extreme poor and pig chow. They also laugh at the commercialization of the holiday in the States. However, they do have to admit that our endearment of the holiday has helped their tourism business a great deal. Do not laugh at us while we are lining your pockets with the gold at the end of the rainbow.

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