Friday, October 14, 2005

Google Fked Up Royal

Google f*&ked up royally this last week. I had students with papers due and they send them to my Gmail account, since my account has been accused of bouncing all of the time. I have 39 students in the class and when I only received 14 papers, I knew something was wrong. I was up at 4:45 am yesterday morning, trying to figure out what was going on. I have Google set up to dump into my regular e-mail client and then move the sends into the trash. I logged into my Google account and found a couple of dozen e-mails that had never downloaded into my regular e-mail account, but had gone into Google's trash bin. I moved all of these into the Inbox and then reconfigured the settings to try to get them to download. What happened was what downloaded was EVERY email I had sent out from May, 2005. Over 4,000 e-mails downloaded into my e-mail account. The strange thing was, I could not find these old sends in any of the folders in Google to delete them before they started downloading. Even with cable it took well over 1 1/2 hours to download all of them and I was deleting as fast as I could. Also, after much hassle, we finally were able to be fingerprinted for our security clearance for the Residency Permits. We had to go through the FBI, which does not take personal checks. Ron went to both of our banks here and they would do a Cashier's check for a fee of $100.00 and it would take a week. Instead, we Fed Ex'ed the cards and requests to our friend in NJ. We asked that she get a MO and include it with the info and then Fed Ex it to the FBI. I sent her a check to cover the cost of Fed Ex to the FBI and then Fed Ex back to us, plus the cost of the MO. Fed Ex picked up the documents at our apt. on Wed. night at 6:00 pm. Thursday, I received an e-mail from our friend that Fed Ex delivered that morning. At the same time, in the trash of Google, I found a response to the e-mail that I had sent to the FBI and they stated that they now take credit cards and attached the form. I could have done all of this direct and saved $$$ and time. GGGRRRRRRRRR!!!!

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