Monday, November 05, 2001

Won't Be Long Now

Won’t Be Long Now

As I was waking this morning after a wonderful night’s rest, I was thinking about the crowds on the streets. It would be interesting to give everyone a colored cord and just have them walk wherever they are going for fifteen minutes. What a wonderful weaving that would make made up of different colors, by different artists. Of course you would need a gigantic beater to tighten it up, but this is fantasy not reality.

Quiet filled the air last night. It was amazing how quiet it can be in a building with so many people, but they were. A great night sleep was had by the two weary travelers. Tomorrow we leave on the ferry for Holyhead and then to Manchester.

I was thinking about being tired of Ireland and was thinking that maybe it is just the moving around and not the city, then I realized, nope, it is the city.

We went to the National Gallery of Ireland today. Most of it is closed for reconstruction of the Millennium wing, which won’t be done until next year. There was only one long room and three small rooms open. The later had all French artists. One small gallery was open, but it was totally dedicated to the Yeats family who were painters. It was a minimal time investment.

The rest of the day was nothing to write home about. Get the joke?

Hope all is well with all of you and that I have not bored you to tears yet.

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